Wedding Planner

The painter uses the canvas to make his vision come to life, the sculptor transforms a cold rock into a work that conveys warmth, the wedding planner uses the imagination to make a fairytale imprinted in the minds of future spouses.

Sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch are all the sensations that the wedding planner unites, harmonizes and concentrates in one great day of passion and happiness.

I will support and advise you in every single step for the realization of your marriage, in particular:

Planning & Budgeting

During a wedding a correct budget planning is certainly an extremely delicate aspect to properly spend the available resources.

Planning also means defining every little detail of what will happen on the day of the event. Professional help in this sense can be useful to avoid surprises and make everything perfect.


The choice of the location is a fundamental step, on which depends the success of a wedding and the respect of the defined budget.

Identifying the location also means managing the decorations, floral arrangements and the choice of materials to be used in order to build an unforgettable scenery and a unique atmosphere.

Suppliers management

In the organizational phase, it is up to the Wedding Planner to identify with you the style to give to the wedding and to manage the relationships with all suppliers: photos, flowers, cars, dresses, party favors, catering, music and entertainment, make-up, preparation, faiths, etc.

A perfect marriage is the sum of all these factors …

Wedding Day

The details should not only be carefully planned but should also be taken care of until the end of the marriage itself.

Having a professional on your side also means having someone who participates directly during the day of the event to make sure that everything is perfect and you can enjoy a memorable day.

Do you want professional help to organize the day of your wedding in Varese, Como or Lugano?

Event Planner

I don’t deal just with weddings. I also deal with Dinner parties, baby showers, cocktail parties, birthdays, special occasions (baptisms, communions, confirmations), bachelor / bachelorette parties.

My professionalism and experience are at your disposal to meet your needs, making every event unique and original.

Do you want professional help to organize your event in Varese, Como or Lugano?

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